Welcome to Kawaii Scene 

We are "Grotesque x Cute" fashion culture born in Harajuku. Everything is carefully designed by a single girl based on our customers's taste. All products are avaiable with a high quality prints in various shapes and sizes so make sure to check them out~ Feel free send us your customer photos and to use our logo on your website! Note: Due to differences in color monitors, the precise color of the final product may vary slightly from what is seen on a computer screen. Colors usually only vary at dark tops with appearing more pale irl. 

Design ~ Hentai Print

Hentai Print

Design ~ Ribbon Slut Print

Ribbon Slut Print

Design ~ Sweet Fuck Print

Sweet Fuck Print

Design ~ Love Chocolate Print

Love Chocolate Print

Design ~ Heterochromia Kitten Print

Heterochromia Kitten Print

Design ~ My Satanic Pony Print

My Satanic Pony Print

Design ~ RIP Candy Heart Print

RIP Candy Heart Print

Design ~ Love Addict Print

Love Addict Print

Design ~ Inverted Sky Cross Print

Inverted Sky Cross Print

Design ~ Sakura Miku Print

Sakura Miku Print

Design ~ Fluffy Flower Print

Fluffy Flower Print

Design ~ Green Eye Print

Green Eye Print

Design ~ Winged Eyes Print

Winged Eyes Print

Design ~ Rawr Print

Rawr Print

Products with personalized text

Harajuku,原宿,Fashion,ファッション,Pastel Goth,パステルゴス,Creepy Cute,グロかわ,Menhera,メンヘラ,Otaku,オタク,ヲタク,サブカル,アート,アニメ,お店